Private Music Lessons

Private Lessons: Ages 6 – Adults
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We have something for everyone ~ Beginners through Advanced Musicians

We are looking forward to learning more about you and matching you with quality music lessons and teachers. Let’s find the best fit for you, to help feel confident and do your best!

Young Beginners ages 6-9

Your best first home for a nurturing, enticing first lesson experience are Piano Team, Guitar Team or Violin Teams. All the benefits and results of a private lesson, but more engaging for beginners. These are small class sizes, a combination of team activities and private lessons. Teams provide an impactful, lasting positive foundations. Research shows students who begin in our Team classes have a better retention rate, exhibiting ‘grit’ in the initial learning stages due to the dynamic small group approach to new concepts. Piano, Guitar and Violin Teams are the best choice for instrumental music lessons for your 6-9 year old.

Class times for Team Classes are limited, so secure your spot in these special classes today!

Private Lesson Students Ages 6 & up

Students may begin private lessons at age 6. However our young beginners ages 6-9 are strongly recommended to take a Team class for at least the first 2 years. Please read above.

Private Lessons are held once a week, and can start at any time of the year or month so there is no need to wait to get started. We teach a variety of styles in addition to the foundations and advanced skills of all instruments and voice. Let your teacher know if you want an emphasis in classical, pop, jazz, or musical theatre. Call our friendly Arts Administrators to request an available day and time that suits your schedule.

Our Music Lessons are organized, fun and goal-oriented!

Your Goals are emphasized along the way! Students in all programs receive leveled medals or certificates each spring for achieving skills in their progressive curriculum. These skills include completed method books, technique, rhythm skills, composing and improvising, and an emphasis in a style that the student chooses. Private lesson students earn medals for each academic school year they complete. Progress is measured by a checklist of skills a student should be able to demonstrate after that year of study. Parents are kept informed of their children’s progress by using this system as well. Student can grow and improve each year with Myriad’s medal system. Our graded curriculum system can be compared to earning karate belts. Current students confirm it is motivating. They love it!

Performances for all Levels

Performances are optional at our school. Above all, students are well-cared for as they progress through our performance levels. There something for everyone, from the shy student to the ambitious performers who love to be on stage! Students are given the opportunity to perform in over 40 informal and formal concerts held over the course of the school year. Younger, elementary students love our small, casual Playing Parties . Intermediate and advanced students showcase their skills in formal concerts at off-site venues. We offer a special informal Teen class for those teens who have just started an instrument and feel more comfortable sharing with a small group of peers.

We help private lesson students prepare for all of these events through our highly successful workshop classes, held twice a year.

Tell us more about you!

Start today! Fill in the Start Today form below and let us know what you are looking for. We’d love to meet you and get you started on the instrument that will help you discover a new part of yourself. Be a part of the Peninsula’s fastest growing music and dance school. We’ve expanded three times over the past decade.  This means more convenient class times, new programs and options to choose from for you. Click here to see what our students and parents are saying.

Check out the instrument you are interested in. Write to us, or call our friendly Arts Administrators at (650) 574-2844 to set up your first one-time trial lesson with one of our talented teachers.

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